For many of us who are suffering in the COVID-19 pandemic because of ration, shelves wipe out from grocery,

Zomy helps people of Kozhikode to manage all their grocery shopping and food delivery through their online app.

How do we order food & grocery during Covid-19?

Without getting into Coronavirus aftereffects, let’s focus that how the online business sector like Zomy is helping the people to fight against contagious disease while staying at home. Everyon was in self-isolation but wished for food and grocery delivery through their smartphones. Apart from serving people, the company has also given jobs to many unemployed young ones. Zomy ensures that every rider is following SOPs diligently according to the standards given by the Indian government.

How Zomy secure the people of Karela?

Since 2020 started with the temporary suspension of many restaurants and shopping marts in Kozhikode and all over the world, Covid has played havoc and shrinks the economy by
distressing the public. Due to lockdown, many restaurants and malls have to slow down their business. Many local people were suspended from their jobs. In this need of time, Zomy offered many deals in such a financial crisis to help the people of Kozhikode, Kerala. We also make sure during a pandemic to secure public safety by providing gloves, sanitizers, face masks, and shielding helmets to our riders.

Zomy’s Food Quarantine Facility

Every rider was asked to check their temperature before each delivery. At each delivery, we confirm that the corresponding rider is unaffected and ready for the next order. As social
distancing was another instruction given by WHO so Zomy respect it and guide its workers to order the food or grocery item at 6 feet distance. We made deliveries to the contracted patients as well as in hospitals to encourage them in their combat with a pandemic. So we tried to makecustomer’s life easier than before. It makes them realize that technology is the best option even in the worst conditions.

How Zomy contribute to Economy survival

Amid the pandemic, the huge food industry of Kerala was affected due to imposed lockdown and unprecedented restrictions on business. Zomy contributes a little to the economy of Kozhikode by working as a grocery & food delivery app in the district. The whole country was under fear of getting infected and trying to avoid any possible human interaction.
We try our best to keep people in their homes. In this regard, our app is available for 24/7 delivery to fill our customer’s kitchen with any needed item. Zomy not only helped the people of
the district but also saved many businesses by revoking their shutdowns. It helps the local eateries to order their product throughout the district with the help of our riders.


The core point is we put our all efforts to serve the nation and our beloved people in the time of need. Our solution offers Kozhikode’s people to stay safe at their homes and order any food or grocery item with just a single click.

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